Élan Strong Fitness

with Élan McAfee, CPT
Personal Training and Fitness Consultation

* One-on-one training through the Hot Springs YMCA

* Online coaching through Fitocracy

Choose the style of personal training you prefer to meet your individual needs.


In-Person Training Sessions

For clients wanting one-on-one attention, training sessions take place through the Hot Springs YMCA. The facilities there have everything you need for your workouts, and there are lots of other perks of membership as well. All you need to start your own transformation journey are some comfortable clothes, athletic shoes, and the desire for change.


Hourly Rate

Since I train clients out of the Hot Springs YMCA, the facility sets the prices, which can be found here. A session for a single person ranges from a $15 20-minute ab session to a $35 hour-long session. There are also options for package deals or couples training. You may choose to have me with you for every workout or maybe just once a week to ensure you are performing the exercises on your customized plan correctly. This is entirely up to you, so you can adapt my services to your personal needs and budget.

Fitness Assessment

If you are a beginner and a new YMCA member, you may want a full fitness assessment to better enable me to customize a fitness plan to your unique needs and level. This includes accurate weight and body composition measurements, along with tests of your strength, endurance, aerobic capacity, and flexibility. This is highly recommended and, in the case of certain health risks or adverse medical history, required. The full fitness assessment takes under an hour and is entirely FREE of charge to new YMCA members. You can learn more here.

360 Fusion Boot Camp

For those wanting an intense, sweaty good time that will help you toward your fitness goals but aren't quite ready to commit to having a personal trainer, consider the 360 Fusion Boot Camp at the Hot Springs YMCA. Each boot camp is limited to a small group, so there's plenty of one-on-one attention, and you get a taste of two trainers' individual styles. A morning and evening version is available, and registration is open now! (Update: The 260 Fusion Boot Camp is underway, but we expect to offer more throughout the year!)

360 Fusion