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You don’t have to live nearby to take advantage of the Elan Strong Fitness program. I am pleased to offer online personal training through Fitocracy that stands alone or can augment in-person sessions. All online packages include a customized workout plan based on your current abilities and long-term goals, and there’s no shortage of support along the way.

After a FREE online fitness assessment and learning about you, I will develop the best workout plan to fit your needs and schedule. As part of the online personal training experience, you will also receive a custom nutrition plan that incorporates the foods you like and tools to track your progress. As you regularly check in along the way, I will tweak the workout routines and nutritional guidelines as needed, so you can get the best results.

The best part about online personal fitness training is that it costs just a fraction of in-person sessions and you can be located anywhere. For a low monthly fee, I will provide you with a customized workout plan, detailed instructions on how to perform the exercises correctly, personalized nutrition guidelines, and Q&A time during Google hangouts or via email. It really is the next best thing to having me one-on-one in the gym!

I also do team-based coaching through Fitocracy and periodically run the 8-Week Kettlebell Shred. In this way, I work with you on kettlebell training with the primary goal of weight loss and secondary goals of building endurance and strength. You will be part of a team working in the same manner with me toward the same goal, although each person’s plan will have tweaks to make it just right for their fitness level and special needs. I am trained and certified in Soviet-style techniques through HIKF, a program recognized and accepted for continuing education credits for ACE and many other personal training certification companies.

A new online program through Fitocracy launches soon called Yoga Body: Arm Balances, which fuses bodyweight workouts and yoga practice to progress into arm balances like Bakasana (Crow Pose). This program also includes an optional nutrition plan and has everything you need to follow to build strength, increase flexibilty, and shed a few pounds.