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Spice Up Your Kettlebell Swing Routine

The staple move of any kettlebell workout is the swing – it builds strength and cardiovascular endurance while working virtually every muscle group in the body. While swinging a kettlebell can be fun in and of itself, simply repeating sets of swings can get boring over time. Try one of these methods to spice up…

Kettlebell Swing to the Right Height

There is a lot of controversy about how high you should swing a kettlebell. Some camps support taking the swing all the way overhead while others swear by chest level with plenty of other experts falling somewhere in between. For the purpose of my 8-Week Kettlebell Shred on Fitocracy, however, I side with the chest…

Tweak the Kettlebell Swing for Strong Abs

When performed properly, the kettlebell swing works the abdominals in conjunction with the other 600 or so muscles it recruits. There is a way, however, to maximize the move’s six-pack building potential. This secret lies in how we hold plank position. A rookie mistake when performing the kettlebell swing is to simply hinge at the…

All About the One-Leg Kettlebell Deadlift

All forms of deadlifts will do wonders in building the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back, but the kettlebell one-leg deadlift is in a league of its own. It not only helps to increase the strength of the buttocks and backs of the thighs but also works on a variety of smaller muscles used for stabilization….