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* Online coaching through Fitocracy

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About Élan McAfee

(No, it's not really "Strong," but I am - and you will be, too!)


Strength isn't just about how much muscle you have or the amount of weight you can move; it's also something that comes from within. We all possess strength - even if it's not so apparent to the naked eye or yourself. Sometimes, it takes a little effort to coax that inner strength out, so it can shine on the outside. That's the way I look at personal training. I want to help you find your inner strength by developing your outer strength and vice versa.

It has been a winding road that brought me to the fitness industry, but I don't regret a bit of it and am thrilled to have found my way. I've worn a lot of hats from bartender to university instructor, but there is nothing that excites me more than being healthy and fit. Consequently, I want everyone to seize that satisfaction for themselves. My experience in other arenas actually sets me apart from the sea of other trainers and consultants out there. As a bartender, I learned how to relate to just about anyone and develop above average people skills. My experience as a teacher and in education in general is incredibly valuable because personal training is teaching - it's teaching you the skills to embrace health and fitness as part of your everyday lifestyle.

We've all heard the saying "variety is the spice of life," and that's something I take to heart. I haven't just worn an array of professional hats; I like variety in my own physical fitness regime. Over the years, I've played roller derby, practiced yoga, lifted weights, run in obstacle races and countless other things; it keeps me excited, so I never get bored. I want you to be just as enthusiastic about your own workouts and will help you discover the activities you enjoy most. That way, we can implement more than just one thing into your customized workout plan to keep your head in the game. With the tools I can provide for your wheelhouse, you can be strong in your body, heart, and mind, too.



NFPT Personal Trainer

FiTOUR Primary Group Exercise Instructor

FiTOUR Indoor Cycling Instructor

FiTOUR Primary Personal Training

FiTOUR Primary Pilates Instructor

Other Relevant Education:

B.A. English & M.L.A., Henderson State University

Child Nutrition and Cooking, Stanford University

Nudge-It: Understanding Obesity, The University of Edinborough