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How to Stand Tall in Tadasana

There is more to Tadasana, or Mountain Pose, than meets the eye. One of the sayings I’ve heard about this seemingly simple pose that resonates with me and applies to many of yoga’s foundational asanas is,  “Master the hard stuff in the easy poses, so that the hard poses become easy.” While those with an untrained eye may simply view Mountain pose as standing, there is a far greater strength in this posture than many know.

Tadasana enforces a feeling of rootedness and connection with the earth. It integrates strength and surrender, engaging the entire self in the present moment. Mastering this pose hones proper alignment for all standing postures and even some seated ones, improves posture, and activates the first Muladhara chakra.

Here are some cues to achieve a tall and proud Mountain Pose:

  • Stand with your feet parallel and in contact with each other. For those with less refined balance skills, standing with the feet separated may impart a greater sense of groundedness.
  • Root down through the four corners of the feet, inviting the earth’s energy to radiate up through the body.
  • Imagine lifting the knee caps to engage the quadriceps, further strengthening your base.
  • Combat anterior tilt by energetically rooting the tailbone down toward the earth; this engages the abdominals and glutes.
  • With each inhale, envision lengthening vertically through the body and expanding across the body, settling into a more powerful posture with the exhales.
  • Adopt anjali mudra (hands to heart), or leave the arms by your sides and externally rotate the arms so the palms shine forward.

Photo by kellinahandbasket

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